They Can’t Say No

This past National Novel Writing Month I churned out a new novel titled “They Can’t Say No” and I was going to post an excerpt from it here like I did last year with the “Hand One Is Dealt” excerpt, except I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with it. You see, this is a different kind of story for me. It’s not necessarily horror. It’s more along the lines of sci/fi erotica. Yes, there are sex scenes in it. A lot of them.

What I didn’t know what to do with it was, I didn’t know if I should publish it under my name or a pen name, because it’s erotica. However, I think I would have been found out eventually and then where would I be? So I’m just going to put it out as me and have that be that.

Writing sex scenes turned out to be very easy for me and once that aspect of the story came up, I flew through them without hesitation. Not only did it help to pad the story with material, but it also helped to boost my word count up to the 50,000 word mark that I needed by the end of November, somewhere around November 17th. I was done with my 50K novel halfway through the month. I think it was Elysabeth Williams who challenged me to write another 50K before the end of the month, but by that point I was spent. No pun intended. Besides, I didn’t see where else I could go with the story.

With that said, I don’t have an excerpt ready yet for you, but I will post one soon. However, here’s a synopsis of what the story is about.

Working Cover

Working Cover

David is a genius. He’s always been the nerdy type, creating robots, video game systems, computers, all from scratch. He studies molecules and atoms for fun. He also studies the female body. Since he is such a nerd he seems to have a hard time finding true love, so he spends a lot of his time online visiting porn sites.

One day he decides to create a camera that would take pictures and extract the DNA of the subject in the picture and then clone them at will. He suddenly starts having all the sex he wants with the women he wants, except with their clones and not the real them.

David runs into his neighbor and becomes friends with him. Fred starts teaching David a new way of life. How to enjoy sports, beer, even marijuana. In turn, David gets his new pal laid. As it turns out, Fred is a gambler and he hits it big one night while gambling online. The two decide to take a road trip.

They go to gamble in a real casino, while high, and they wind up hitting it big. In the meantime, David has found the hots for a new woman, a real woman, who comes to clean his apartment for him. He falls in love, but shortly after discovers the police hauling her away.

Through traveling, smoking pot and getting into a lot of interesting incidents, David and Fred live the life while looking for true love. David has to make a choice, go after a real woman, or live happily ever after with one of his clones who is programmed to love him back.

I did in this story what Erin Morgenstern, author of “The Night Circus” did in her story. I ran out of places to go with my characters, so I started putting them in different situations, and the story came from that. What you read in this story is almost all on-the-fly stuff, not planned at all. And it worked for me.

I’m happy with how the story turned out but I’m currently wondering if I should change the ending. I have two in mind, the one I gave it and another that takes the story to a different place. We shall see. In any case, it’s being edited now and will be published shortly after. I plan on releasing a paper version of it first, with the e-book coming sometime after that.

4 responses to “They Can’t Say No

  1. I think you need to claim all of your writing with your actual name. I struggled with this initially, but let’s face it, as writers, the more your name is out there, the better your chances are for more work. We are put in a position to promote ourselves, almost as much as our work. So claim that erotica!

  2. The story sounds fascinating. Where will the paper versions be released? Will they be nationwide?

    • I’m a self publisher. I don’t particularly care for the mainstream publishers. So it’ll be available on Amazon. Stores will be able to carry it if they choose, but your best bet will be to get it on Amazon when it comes out.

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