The Abandoned Factory

Hey there folks, I recently passed by a place that I wanted to share with you. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the place but I will soon hopefully. If I don’t get arrested for trespassing in the process.

You see, I take my wife to work and pick her up when she’s done. Even on the highway it’s a half hour drive in either direction. And quite frankly, I’m not a highway kinda guy. I enjoy driving and seeing things as I drive. People on the highway are in too much of a hurry (except that one person in the fast lane doing 20). I can’t enjoy myself on the highway and in recent years I’ve spent too much time on highways and have ruined my love of driving. Gas prices don’t help.

So when I take my wife to work and have to turn right around and come home, I get bored with the drive. So I’ve taken to finding new ways to come home. I basically know the area and all of the areas from point A to point B so finding new ways to come home means little more than “taking the long way.”

That was fun for a while but then that got to be a bore. I knew those areas and driving through them was no fun. I longed for the days of old when I used to get together with a friend or two and drive around, sometimes all night long, coming home just as the sun started to come up on the horizon. Those were the best days of my life. Not a care in the world, no destination… just driving around trying to get lost so we could not only find our way back to civilization, but to discover new things. And the country was always a hot spot for our driving adventures.

Well, a few years ago when I had to pick my wife up from work I had made my way to the main highway I always seem to take and found it to be horribly backed up with traffic. Never mind getting to my wife on time, I didn’t want to deal with sitting on the highway. There are no stop signs or red lights on the highway, so why is the traffic always stopped? I never understood it, and I don’t like it. If I’m spending $4 on a gallon of gas, I don’t want to waste it by sitting motionless.

So that day I decided to go on a little adventure and try to get to my wife’s work by going a way I had never gone before. The main road I had to take I knew just barely, to a point, but once I passed that point I was in undiscovered territory. The road followed the highway all the way up to her job but at some point I lost sight of the highway and had no idea when I should turn to get to her work.

After I had traveled far enough on it I decided I should probably find a road and turn, so I did. I discovered even more awesomeness, but I was lost, which for me wasn’t a problem. I had enough gas and at that point I still had time to find her.

Eventually that day I found my wife’s work, made it on time, and I had a nice little adventure. That was a few years ago.

Well recently I decided it was time to go on another adventure to break up the monotony of my daily drives. I decided I was going to find the path I took that day, only the opposite way, and go home that way. The only problem was, I couldn’t remember it. At all.

Instead I went the way I THOUGHT I had gone and I found a new way to go home. And these last couple of nights I have gone that way only to find variations of it and I have discovered some really cool places, most of them in the country. My love for driving around at night, in the country, lost, has come back.

The coolest thing I discovered, which is why I brought all of this up, is a really cool, old factory. Leaving from my wife’s work I made my way down this road through the little town that sits next to her work and once you get through that you go down this very curvy road. At one point you literally have to stop so that you can stay in your lane as you turn. It’s awesome. And the road on either side is surrounded by woods and the unknown. At night it makes for a wonderful scene.

As you get through the curves you come to a straightened part of the road and in the dark, just up ahead, you can see jutting out from the top of the tree line two old towers. They look out of place in this vast forest of darkness.

The road, in this straightened out part, is a bridge that goes over a river that cuts its way through the woods that surround you. In the dark you can only imagine it’s there because you can’t see it, even with a full moon overhead. The darkness takes control of everything here.

Those towers are just a silhouette in the darkness, against a night sky. You can make out their shape but you can’t see their color or the physical shape they’re in. I can only imagine they’re showing their age just as the buildings are that they belong to.

As you drive over the bridge you find yourself at another sharp turn and then there you are, in the middle of the woods with just one street light illuminating the area, and poorly. It definitely sets the mood, as if that was its intended purpose.

The buildings are old and dilapidated. At one time they housed a mill, or a plant of some kind where maybe a hundred workers would come to do their jobs and put in their overtime. As you drive by you see no main entry way, no “front door” area, just a place to drive back into the center of the buildings where the loading docks might be.

Overall, the building, or buildings, isn’t big and doesn’t take up a lot of space. They’re completely surrounded by the woods and on one side the river that flows past. There’s nothing else around except for a small gravel parking area across the street. And that one street light.

No signs show the former name of the building or business. There aren’t even any “stay out” signs hanging anywhere that I could see. All of the windows, if there are any, are boarded up. Yet tonight as I drove past for the third time I noticed back in the center of the complex a big box truck that looked newer, as if it were there waiting on a load to fill it so it could go on a delivery. I wondered if someone decided to park there for the night to sleep undisturbed so that tomorrow they could continue their journey, or if the place actually is still in operation on some level.

I can’t help but feel as I pass by that I am being watched by someone or something inside the building. But each time I drive by, I do so slowly so that I can take as much of it in as I pass by before it’s gone. And it’s always gone in a hurry, as there isn’t much to the building that sits right alongside the road.

One day, maybe tomorrow, I plan on stopping and taking some pictures. It’s a really cool place and its location in the woods makes it seem like a perfect find, a perfect treasure just for me. Even though that road is actually a well traveled road, I feel as if that place was left there for only me to find. I love it, and I can’t wait to see it in the day light.

EDIT: Before I even got to post this I decided to do a Google Street View of the place and I was in luck. I have all of my questions answered, and some pictures to show you! This place is amazing to me. And I don’t have to take my own pictures and risk being arrested or deported (because it’s that serious obviously).

I discovered cars in the parking areas, so maybe it is still in operation to some degree. Of course the Street View is from a few years ago so maybe that’s changed. I also discovered a bike trail that rides right alongside the place, and also a guy named Mark had gone by and taken some of his own pictures of the place and they turned out nicely, but they are basically what I’m showing you, so I didn’t use his. I also discovered the windows are not boarded up, but broken in true old abandoned building fashion. I’d like to thank Google for the pictures I took from their Street View. You can click the pictures to enlarge them.

Crossing the river you can see the two towers sticking up through the trees. This looks awesome at night.

Crossing the river you can see the two towers sticking up through the trees. This looks awesome at night.

The bike trail is to the right.

The bike trail is to the right.

The small gravel parking area across the street.

The small gravel parking area across the street.

This is where I saw the box truck parked, back in that area.

This is where I saw the box truck parked, back in that area.

The place is for lease? I might have to look into that.

The place is for lease? I might have to look into that.

This is the spot where I feel watched.

This is the spot where I feel watched.

What an awesome place. The location of it is what makes this place so cool. I’ve seen plenty of buildings just like this one all over my city, but none are sitting in the middle of the woods next to a river away from everything else. I’d love to walk through this place and see the inside.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this with all of you! I hope you find this as cool as I did. Are there any awesome places like this near you that creep you out?

10 responses to “The Abandoned Factory

  1. Hi Matt. I love taking the road not taken just to see where it will end. This will oftentimes be in the middle of the night and it is mind blowing to see it the following day. You sometimes ask…is this really the same place I passed last night? Never felt watched.

    • Oh yeah, absolutely. My wife and I drove by there this morning as the sun was coming up and I finally got to see it for myself in the day, as well as the nice road trip home. It all looked so different! And actually, the one picture I included in this of the two towers coming up, that picture does not do the actual sight justice. I might have to take a picture of it myself one day to show, because the actual view of it is so much cooler. As far as “being watched,” I think only old run down places give me that feeling. It’s creepy, and I don’t dislike that lol.

    • Yeah, I don’t dislike feeling creeped out either. Sometimes on my way home or on midnight drives, I listen to coast to coast. Some of the stories are bizzare, and make my hair stand up.

      Halloween should be every day.

      • I agree. Halloween is awesome. Coast to Coast? I’ll have to look that up. I’m sure it’s a syndicated show…

      • It is. I think they play 12-5 am in your time zone. I mostly listen on Friday/Saturday when I’m doing the drive in. The station that comes in best is 840 am, which is kind of close to you. A lot of the topics are off the wall, but some are definitely creepy.

      • I’m down for that, and it sounds familiar. I may have caught it once before.

      • I looked the show up tonight while I was out and tuned in. It’s actually on 550 WKRC in Cincinnati. I have heard it once before and it was a cool show when I first listened in. Tonight he was talking to some authors of science fiction and that was fun to listen to. I’ll definitely tune in more.

  2. Thanks for sharing this very friendly article :) I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

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